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We are the official online store of The Kodokan Judo Institute. We carry Judo Kata, Waza Video and DVD, Judo Games, Mifune Ju-dan video as well. Books published by Kodokan or authorized, Kano Jigoro related, and gift items as well as Judo Obi (belt) with embroidery in blind stitch, Kusakura Judo-gi.

Kata DVD

Itsutsu-no-Kata (new)
Ju no Kata, Nage no Kata, etc.,

Waza DVD

Instructive video for
Te-waza, Koshi-waza, Ashi-waza, Katame-waza, etc.,

DVD video

All Japan Judo Championship
2017 All Japan Judo Championship


Judo black belt
Kuro OBI
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Kodokan Necktie (Blue / Red)
DVD 2017 All Japan Judo Championship (video)
DVD Judo Practical Textbook by Toshihiko Koga / Aim to win by ippon.(video)
DVD Judo Katame-waza Jotatsu-ho by Koji KOMURO(video)
DVD-BOX Inteligence Judo by TORII Tomoo (video)
DVD Ashiwaza by OKADA Hirotaka (video)
DVD Inteligence Judo Newaza by TORII Tomoo (video)
DVD Art to Principle, The 120th Anniversary of Kano's Birth (video)
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